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Attention Fitness Professionals:

  • Are you lacking clarity in how to take your training business to the next level?
  • Are you stuck in a rut and feel like you need a major jolt in your business?
  • Do you want to create more time freedom & money freedom in your life?
  • Are you ready for MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGHS in your business?


Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute for as low as $99 per month

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From the desk of Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS
Owner, Fitness Quest 10
Trainer, Coach, Author & Speaker

Do you have the desire for success but need some help in accelerating the pace in how to get there?

Do you often feel like you are on an island and have no one to turn to for wisdom, counsel, and insight?

Do you often feel like the hamster on the wheel going round-n-round and nothing to show for it?

Do you ever want to be part of a “think-tank” with other bright minds that serve as a way where you can get BIG ideas, a-ha moments, and lots of experience all in one-place, on an on-going basis?


My mission in life is to “inspire greatness everyday.”  There are many ways I fulfill that mission.  As a trainer, I am in the trenches everyday helping my elite professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NBA build championships.  I teach “TD Fitness Classes” every week to the everyday fitness enthusiast desiring better health, weight-loss, and less stress.  As a business owner, I lead 35 teammates at Fitness Quest 10 that motivate, educate, and inspire people everyday to be their very best.

And as a business coach and mentor, I teach & coach fitness professionals just like you how you can create your best life also.  And I really value this role.

If you already know me, you know that I am a man all about taking ACTION!  My mantra is Ready…FIRE…Aim instead of “Ready…AIM…Fire.”

FIRE is the key word here because it’s all about ACTION.

But people are often afraid to “FIRE” because of what I call the “What-if’s.”

What if it doesn’t work out…

What if I fail…

What if I don’t have enough money…

What if I have enough money and I lose it all…

What if I don’t have enough experience…

What if people don’t follow me…

And the list goes on & on…

Many fitness professionals have grandiose plans, great visions, big ideas, and work their tails off in countless sessions… and many times nothing ever happens.  The “what-if’s” get in the way!

Passion wanes…you get in a rut… you wait for the right time… and you wonder IF, WHEN, & HOW it’s all going to change.


But before I tell you the answer, I need to make sure you are SERIOUS about fulfilling your FULL potential and living out your dreams…AND that you are ready to take ACTION on the single-thing that you MUST DO to propel you forward.  Let me ask you a few important questions:

Are you ready to work more on your business then in your business?

Are you ready to create a driving strategy that will serve as a foundation to massive success in your business and lead you for the next 5-10 years?

Do you need help with creating systems in your business that WILL create more time freedom & money freedom?

Would you like to learn new ways to instantly attract new clients & members to your business?

Do you want to learn the exact techniques, “exercises” and best practices that I use that  WILL catapult your business to record new levels?

While your answers are probably a resounding “YES!!!”,
I want you to realize something…

Like you, there was a time when I was starting my business and was just worried all the time…about survival, about how I needed 5-10 more clients to pay the rent and “take the stress” away, and about how I was going to afford everything.

And then we improved.

And then my stress was about building a team to support me, growing the business, how to market despite having no money (heck, I didn’t even know how to put a budget together).

And then we improved.

14 years later after opening Fitness Quest 10, life is a lot different…

I have learned a lot of lessons along the way and we have developed into a successful business that is built upon strong values, a great team, world-class culture, and results for our clients.  Some of our highlights include:

  • My world-class team and I deliver approximately 600 sessions per week between personal training, massage therapy, and Pilates.
  • We have developed an extremely strong culture and community in our business that truly has “Raving Fans” world-wide.
  • We still operate on a lean-and-mean marketing budget.
  • We have a strong social media presence and have figured out how to leverage social media to deliver benefits & value to our clients and members.
  • We have built a strong internship program that churns out great trainers and acts as a feeder system into our program.
  • We have our systems in place and this is critical!!!
  • I get to train high-level athletes, as well as regular Joes & Janes, ALL of whom desire to be their personal best.
  • I have time freedom & money freedom.

But one of the things that I have most enjoyed and loved over the past 5 years is the countless fitness professionals I have positively IMPACTED through my coaching program.

It is called the Todd Durkin Mastermind and it is the answer that can put you over the top and really help your create the success you want.

My Mastermind coaching program was built for fitness pros of ALL LEVELS and it allows me to share my lessons, systems, exercises, tools, & techniques to help other passionate fitness professionals just like you that want to take their game to the next level.

Here are just some of the success stories:

Todd’s program is a game-changer!  I have implemented many of Todd’s ideas and it has majorly increased revenues and taken my business to a whole new level. The TD Mastermind Institute is a must!

I now accomplish in 3 months what used to take me a year... I can’t wait to keep creating IMPACT!

My business has tripled in size and success... My BIG dreams are becoming realities!



And you WILL be blown away by your results in as little as 30 Days… I can promise you that!


The Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute program has been in existence since January 2011, and it continues to be the “best in class” for education, motivation, connection with like-minded “fitnesspreneurs” and overall quality content with world-class delivery. I am continuously enrolling new members into the program and you can join anytime. It is primarily virtual so you can be in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere around the world to participate.

By being a member, you will receive exclusive information (via articles, videos, teleseminars, & live meetings) relative to all aspects of business such as:
TD Mastermind

  • Business Development
  • Business Growth
  • How to write a business plan
  • Negotiations
  • Brand creation
  • Culture development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning & Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Systems
  • Hiring & Firing
  • Staff Development
  • Cient Acquisition
  • Client & Member Retention
  • Marketing (on a shoe-string budget!)
  • Social Media Bootcamp
  • How to create WOW on a daily basis
  • How to create a team, build a team, sustain a team, and grow a team for business success
  • The art of presenting a world-class workshop
  • Speaker’s School
  • …And then some

Additionally, I love to offer insights into personal development and productivity on an on-going basis.  I believe this is HUGE in overall success in business & life.  So you will receive content that relates to:

  • Top tips for time management
  • Best practices for peak personal productivity
  • Balancing out family and business
  • How to build your calendar to maximize TIME FREEDOM

By being part of my team and “inner-circle”, you receive:

  • 24/7 Members-ONLY, private, password-protected website & forum to talk with other members.
  • Monthly Q&A Calls (Recorded & MP3); (This is an awesome way to learn from others)
  • One Teleseminar per month (Recorded & MP3)
  • One Themed Video per month (approximately 45 minutes long)
  • On-going exclusive articles and insights emailed directly to you from me.  (This will give you an “inside-look” at many of the conversations, lessons, meetings, and experiences I have on an on-going basis.)
  • One LIVE 90 minute OPEN Coaching call per quarter
  • Monthly Recommended Reading
  • Discounts on Products & workshops
  • AND THEN SOME…I am a big believer in over-delivering and will go above and beyond to create a value that is worth 10x the nominal price of the investment.

Coach Larry (Indiviglia) and I have been running the Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute as part of my overall Mastermind since January, 2011 now and we have had some tremendous success stories.  I want YOU to be the next one.

Check out some more success stories of fitness professionals just like YOU:

Todd’s program has been phenomenal in helping me take my personal training business to a whole new level.  The  Institute is definitely the bridge to success in the fitness industry!

This has been the most successful year yet for B-Fit Personal Training.  I give tons of credit to the TD Mastermind Institute program! It has been the best decision I have made for my business since opening up my store-front studio!

The Todd Durkin Mastermind has been an invaluable tool in taking my company to the next level. I have watched my company grow and flourish in ways that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

When you join my Mastermind, you will be in a coaching program that is “BEST IN CLASS.”

I pride myself in over-delivering and creating IMPACT.  I take this program extremely serious and am 100% confident that this will be a major game-changing move for your career.

Membership in the Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute is designed
to help YOU get to the next level in YOUR business, regardless
of WHERE you are at today. No matter what your level or experience, I am most concerned with where you want to be TOMORROW and IF you are willing to work to get there.


The investment is extremely low.  I believe in my program so much that there is a 100% Guarantee.  If at any time, you do not think that the program is what you were looking for, you can dis-enroll with a simple 30 day written notice.

There are NO CONTRACTS that are going to lock you in for 12 months.  Or 6 months.  Or 3 months.  Let me prove the value month after month and watch what happens.


Now is the time to step-up and TRUST that what you are going to receive is going to blow your socks off.

It WILL change the way you train…

It WILL change the way you do business…

It WILL improve the quality of your life in many ways…

The investment is ONLY $99.00/monthYES, $99.00/month.

Act Now!

Just for enrolling I will send you these FIVE bonuses


My “Strategic Plan & Annual Roadmap.”

These are the exact same questions that I have been doing now for over 5 years to create success and fulfill purpose. Walk into the office of any high performer, chances are, they have a Road Map of exactly what they will be doing when, where and how. And for the past 7 years, religiously, I have completed a very specific and exacting “roadmap” to create my best year yet. It is 52 specific questions and it is critical for your success. And while I have only made it available to my Mastermind in the past, I will now make it available to anyone who invests in this program.

  • You will receive my 52 questions and accompanying audio training so that you can have
  • YOUR very own 2014 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. The timing couldn’t be better!
  • This is the game plan that allows Mastermind members to create the 6 and 7-figure businesses year after year on a consistent basis.


Private Facebook Group To Connect With TD Mastermind Members Around The Nation

        This opportunity exclusively for TD Mastermind Members will allow you to:

  • Post questions, connect with other Mastermind Members so you can grow your network and get answers to questions as they come up.
  • Create a strong network of fellow fitness professionals not only in your backyard, but from around the world!
  • Connect with your fellow fitness professionals on a daily basis


My 2-hour “CREATING IMPACT” Presentation

This behind the scenes in-depth coaching takes you through how to “Create IMPACT” in your business and your life. This 2-hour presentation will take you behind the scenes of my business and the tools I use every single day. It concludes with a workout in the amazing “EDGE” sports-performance facility located inside ClubSport.


A Game-Changing “Time Management” Presentation

We all struggle with focus! We want to be everything to everyone. But as you will learn in this “WTF” talk by industry leader Trina Gray is that it is this lack of focus that is holding us back from getting even bigger!

In this talk you will learn:

  • Tools to create laser focus in your life and business
  • How to narrow in your focus
  • Why we are all suffering from mistaking “busy” for “importance”
  • Strategies to get your focus in line and eliminate busy work from your life!

It is absolutely a must view for any entrepreneur looking to improve in business and in LIFE.


“TD’s PRO Workout Video”

Featuring exclusive ACTION footage of top athletes in the world working to become champions. This footage will give you a unique, inside-look at 2 champions training. You don’t want to miss this action packed workout!

“Innovative, integrative, inspiring; this video has it all. I always wondered what he does with these guys at Fitness Quest 10. And now I know!”

Anthony Trucks , Trucks Training, Antioch, CA


Now is the time to say “YES!!! I want to be part of Todd’s Coaching Program and realize my full potential.”

Act Now!


Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to coach you and help you make this your BEST year yet.  One of my greatest passions in life is coaching other serious fitness professionals who desire success and are willing to work for it.  The information in this program is so relevant for the new fitness pro, the seasoned industry veteran, or the studio owner that is looking for 3-5 ground-breaking ideas per month that very well could change the way you do business.  But it takes TRUST and it takes ACTION.  And I promise you, with a 100% guarantee, that if you do these 2 things, this program WILL rock your world!!!”

~ Todd Durkin

I look forward to connecting with you and getting your business to a whole new level.  Buckle up—it’s going to be a fun ride!




You know the answer.  Now is the time to take SERIOUS ACTION and be part of the program that will be your major GAME-CHANGER. Let’s together make 2013 your most successful year to date.

Peace and God bless!

Todd Durkin
Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS
Owner, Fitness Quest 10 (San  Diego, CA)
Head, Under Armour Performance Training Council

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